Validation-Engine for your onlineshop

Control and increase your data quality

Create individual validation rules to ensure highest quality and consistency of your data


With help of individual validation rules you can easily prevent inconsitency.


Search engine optimization is dynamically and requires professional tools. Through the definition of simple and complex SEO-rules you can increase your onpage SEO step by step.

Pre-defined rules

Additionally you can execute pre-defined validation rules.

Die Software

To ensure good data quality in online shops is a big challange especially, if you have many products. Mistakes are hard to find and to correctable.

With the FHU Quality Improver you are able to define complex validation rules which will help you to ensure the consistency of data and to increase the overall data quality.

This module is completely for free! Once installed, updates and improvements will be provided automatically.


Create / remove validation rules
Create / remove conditional validation rules
Activate / inactivate validation rules
Create new validation rule

Overview: Validation errors based on individual rules

Show all products with validation errors based on your created rules

Feature "Color" is mandatory if manufacturer is "X"
Product description must not contain "iframe"
The minimum length of the product name must be X characters
The product description must contain the manufacturer
Default validations

Overview: Validation errors based on default rules

Example rules
Imagename must not contain special characters
Imagename must not contain spaces
Default validations

No modification in shop system files necessary.


This video demonstrates the FHU Quality-Modul based on two simple validation rules

1. The manufacturer is mandatory (length of manufacturer value is greater than 1)
2. The ISBN is mandatory, if the product name contains the value "Book" (Buch)


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ATTENTION This module is currently in beta release status. Please report bugs. Frequent updates are planned.