Search-optimization for your online shop

Let users find what they are searching for

Make visitors to customers.

Search optimization

Perfect search results by individual enrichtment of keywords.

Reduce site exit rate

With help of the intelligent search technologie the user will find exactly what he is looking for. The risk of a page leaf caused by empty results will be drastically reduced.

Sales increase

Better results

Less exists

More sales!

The prinziple is easy and effective

The only thing you need to do is to create keyword relations with the following principle in mind:
Products which are found by a specific "Keyword", should also be found by an "additional keyword".
Create Keywords


Direct feedback from application, which and how many products are effected from keyword relation optimization. Feedback

Filterable Overview for products and keywords

Show products with related keywords
Test optimized search with use of product-filter
Filter from / to last product change date
Show only active / inactive products
Sorting (name / keyword / ...)
Product and keywords overview

One-click search configuration

You can easily include values like product features, attributes, properties, EAN and product number as search keywords.
Search configuration

High transparency and flexibility

Individual and transparent search optimizations. Nobody knows your product range as better than you. With the FHU FINDER the search optimization is in your hand.
Keywords can be added or removed easy and flexible.

Fast performance

Usage of shop-internal search algorithm. No external service calls needed!


No modification of shopsystem files. The FHU ecommerce software is completely separated and update-safe

Through the individual enrichment of keywords the search optimization will be done in a breath.


For a better traceability the steps are described here:

  1. 00:00 - 00:20: Show an example product range of Scout Schulranzen
  2. 00:20 - 00:30: Show product image contents of My Pretty Garden from Scout (Erdbeeren=strawberries, Igel=hedgehog)
  3. 00:31 - 01:20: Search demo BEFORE optimization
  4. 01:21 - 01:50: Start of the software
  5. 01:51 - 01:58: Filtering the product view
  6. 01:59 - 02:03: Configure search - includue feature values into keywords
  7. 02:04 - 03:36: Create additional keywords
  8. 03:37 - 03:58: Update of show database = Search optimization
  9. 03:59 - 04:57: Search demo AFTER optimization


If you have any question or problems please send us an email.